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Entry Trellis

The program was to redefine the entry while providing a sheltered link between two previously separated living areas of the house.  The arch was a natural form which not only creates the entry shelter, but also incorporates the few steps that occur in the link.  The entry is further defined by the Maybeck-styled gate & trelliswork.


Courtyard Focus

Every once in a while there is a project with such an unusual and interesting program that the solution is not immediately obvious.  In this case the key to the solution was site planning - a circulation pattern that would clearly tie together the various building components.  On the property was a small A-frame huose and a storage shed.  These two elements were retained with the following elements added: an expanded living room, remodeled kitchen, master bedroom suite, viewing deck, party kitchen, art studio, swimming pool and hot tub.  An entry courtyard became the circulation focal point providing a clear path to the front door and the other building elements.


Exterior Shelter

The outdoor living space in this Nipomo CA home has been defined by the introduction of columnaded trellis work, at the same time providing much-needed shading.  The outdoor fireplace provides a night-time focus.


An expansion of an existing Rushton-Chartock designed residence, the addition provides pool and spa, change room, and shower facilities as well as outdoor barbeque area.  The cabana features an indoor-outdoor Rumford fireplace and seating in the shade.

london pool 1100_8690_edited-1.jpg
london pool 1100 IMG_4323.JPG
london pool 1100 IMG_4327.JPG
london pool 1100 IMG_4322_edited-1.jpg
london pool 1100_8630b.jpg
london pool 1100 IMG_4326.JPG
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