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Steep down-slope lots are a relatively easy build compared to most steep Marin County lots, providing easy access and prevalent views.  This home takes advantage of large glazed areas facing sweeping views to the north.

downslope lots: Project

This San Anselmo residence, literally built into solid rock, provides access onto the steep site with an up-slope driveway.  The 3-bedroom, 3-bath home takes advantage of beautiful views of Mt. Tamalpais to the south.



Constructed on a very steep down-slope lot, this small north-facing home takes advantage of views and natural light with 2-story glass walls.  The initial 900 square foot home was later expanded with an artist studio/ guest room beneath the triangular deck.

cabin 5073
cabin sunlight IMG_4738b.jpg


New studio home on a steeply sloping, north-facing lot is designed to fit within a narrow footprint while taking advantage of the view to the east and the morning sun.  Interior space features tall ceilings in the entry and living room, providing a sense of spaciousness and openness to the heavily-wooded exterior.  Main space is a 2-story, loft-type living space including a sleeping area tucked under the kitchen-dining balcony.  Perfect low-maintenance starter home for a single person or young professional couple.


The original aging structure was re-structured, upgraded and the interior completely remodeled with the addition of space to the living room.  The lower floor storage space was converted into an art studio.  The driveway and site work was re-designed and refined.


Built on pier and grade-beam on a very steep down-slope lot, this home takes advantage of the southerly view of Mt. Tam and the passive solar heating through the south-facing sliding glass doors.

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