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Scheffel Residence

Located on a private lake in Eagle Point, Oregon, and nestled into the trees, this home takes advantage of views of the lake from every room in the house.

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london house 1100_8641b.jpg


Farmhouse Influence

Located on a spectacular 2-acre site  dominated by a Mt. Tamalpais view, this home reflects the client's desire to re-create an East Coast farmhouse aesthetic.  The south-facing porch commands the view while providing shelter from the summer sun.

london house 1100_8647b_edited-1.jpg


Fairfax Steep Up-Slope

Steep up-slope lots usually require substantial foundations but this can provide a dramatic aesthetic.    Decks and surface articulation break down the scale of the street facade.


Bodega Harbor Solar Home

Taking advantage of passive solar heating with 3 greenhouse extensions and active solar with vacuum-tube hot water solar panels, this home features efficiency.  Built partially below grade to satisfy local height limits, the structure nestles into the hillside and provides panoramic views of the bay.

NEW HOME                                                        Forest Knolls

This new downslope home located on a southwest facing lot includes 3 bedrooms + a Study and soaring living spaces.  Photovoltaic solar panels energize the heat exchanger electric water heater that compensates for the lack of natural gas supply in the valley.  Views and outdoor living spaces add to the livability of the home.

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