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Hayward Townhouses

This 4-unit project provides new efficiently-designed, low-cost, 3-bedroom units, each with its own generous yard space.


Fairfax Affordable Homes

Ecumenical Association for Housing sponsored this project of 9 affordable homes.  It was necessary to locate vacant parcels adjacent to one another to facilitate team building with each family providing "sweat equity".


5-plex in San Anselmo

An existing residence sat on a lot big enough to provide 4 additional 1-bedroom units with related parking.  The character of the existing house, as well as that of the neighborhood, was retained with gable roof forms and small-pane windows.


Duplex in San Anselmo

Under Construction

In a prime downtown location, this new duplex has been added to a property with an existing single-family residence.  The entire property has been improved with a consistent and traditional character.

SA duplex IMG_5907b.jpg


Bennett House offers senior living in an environment blessed with beautiful views, convenient shopping, close to the downtown, and efficient, functional rooms.  The upper floor units feature tall ceiling for a gracious sense of space.

Screenshot_2019-04-21 Multi-Family(1) co
Screenshot_2019-04-21 6 new photos added
Screenshot_2019-04-21 6 new photos added
Screenshot_2019-04-21 Multi-Family(7) co
Screenshot_2019-04-21 Multi-Family.png
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